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Verse list/notes

How in the world I ended up with verses...

One Times Infinity: The core verse. This Doctor, hopping universes, searching for his Rose, taking along certain other companions at his discretion for reasons only he knows. The thing about this universe is that he's always moving. He doesn't stay in one universe longer than absolutely necessary, and he never goes back. He can't. Universes keep unraveling, shattering, and leaving only fragments. If he turned back, he might be caught in one.

OTI - Amyverse: Similar to the core verse, but rather than picking up Rose and later Jack, he meets a nineteen year old Amy whose Doctor hadn't yet come back for her, and decides to bring her along with him, perhaps because there's something different about her that he needs.

Open: Based off of OTI, but instead of leaving, he's gotten himself entrenched in the multiversal crashed universe, with the broken versions of all the familiar faces and a living Master. He dallies in the universe both because his companions keep running off, and because the state of the universe's walls currently endangers their quest--he must find a wall still stable enough to pass through without losing their course.

Master Doctor: After discovering his Rose was lost to the Void, the Doctor spirals into darkness and obsession, until he comes across a beautiful looking Persian vase. The part of him that is still the Doctor is fascinated by it, and then horrified to find an innocent young (not so young) woman trapped within it 'cursed' to be a 'genie'. When a simple attempt to free her fails, he realizes that even if he does, the young woman, Jeannie, no longer knows how to live free. Worse, he is now burdened with the responsibility of being her 'master'. He does the only conscionable thing. He takes her with him to see the stars and learn what it's like to make choices for herself, all the while looking for a way to free her and make her a normal human girl again. Perhaps--just perhaps--he might find himself again in the process.

On Good/Evil - Obviously, this Doctor isn't the same as OU!Doctor. He's rash, he's impulsive and he's selfish, yes, a bit unhinged, even, but not out-and-out mad. He's not about to kill or hurt someone just because he can. He's not about to let someone be hurt or killed just because he can--or even because it's inconvenient. Yet, he doesn't particularly care about what other universes do, and he doesn't bat an eye at the concept of crushing universes just to find Rose. He will kill, harm, or allow any manner of misfortune to fall on any number of people if it means finding Rose.

But he justifies and reasons it away that there are an infinite number of universes. An infinite number of Doctors. He can't worry for every one, and even if he destroyed a thousand to get to Rose, the multiverse wouldn't even note it. However, there's only one Rose which is his. Therefore she is more important than anything else. Once the Doctor (many Doctors on many worlds) said that nothing would stop him from saving Rose.

This Doctor meant it.

He will do anything he judges necessary if it means he can find his Rose, and he will be unyielding and unforgiving toward anyone who interferes with that goal. He will manipulate, lie, destroy realities, and even kill on a personal basis. And yet, on subjects not dealing with her, he is almost imperceptibly the same as normal Doctors. He is somewhat distanced from the events of other universes, reasoning that he cannot police the universe, but he will still save lives, save worlds, and play the mysterious savior with banana and oral fixations.

Is he evil? Perhaps. Probably. But he's no psychotic, and perhaps that makes him all the more frightening: That he can be so similar, so much like the normal Doctor, and yet destroy countless realities without a second thought or a single look back.



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