She's somewhere out there

And I'm going to find her.

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The Doctor (The Blue Eyed Doctor - AU)
12 August
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This Doctor has blue eyes, larger ears than usual, and longer, scruffy hair. His Rose has green eyes

The Doctor, or some version of him. There was once a shop-keep with deep green eyes named Rose, she healed the scars of a wounded warrior, and showed him the path to peace again. Along the way, as these fairy tales go, they fell in love. Even though she was only human, and he the last of an immortal race, he vowed to find a way to keep her with him forever.

The fairy tale ended when the Daleks broke through the Void and led an assault against his world. Together Rose and the Doctor were able to find a way to save the world, but in the process, Rose was ripped from safety toward the void. This fairy tale has no happy ending.

When Rose fell to the Void, there was no Pete Tyler to save her. Even the Doctor's quick thinking and use of his sonic screwdriver to close the Void early could not prevent her from slipping through the last crack before it closed.

The Doctor couldn't live with with her loss, couldn't bear to take the blame for it. And so, with much hard work, the Doctor devised a way to travel through the void, and forced the last crack in the universe open. The force shattered the wall, and the void rushed into his universe as he left.

Now he searches for some sign of where she went, following one anomaly after another in the hope that his interference might have sent Rose somewhere safe.

Woe to any universe that crosses his path.

[OOC: Based off of the fanfic One Times Infinity, I own none of the characters or associated actors or anything that could feasibly generate cash. Mun is 18+, Muse is so old he lies loses count.]

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